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(updated on 18 May 2019)


3 different themes, immerse in the 2 - 6 weeks long summer camps.

Limited Space! Get your EARLY BIRD OFFER now!

Piano Voyage (ages 3 - 9)
#1 1/7 - 12/7 Mon - Fri 14:00 - 16:30
#2 29/7 - 9/8 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 11:30

Games, role-plays, singing, some piano learning and lots of fun with other beginners. On the final day kids will have their first solo performance for family and friends!

- Free Little Mozart's Workbook 1

Music Appreciation I (ages 3 - 16)

#3I 15/7 - 26/7 Mon - Fri 14:00 - 16:30

From Baroque, Classical music to Disney classics, Folk tunes and Rock music, you will fall in love with music and develop critical ears after the camp. Besides lots of activities, there will be music sharing by everyone at the end of the camp!

Music Appreciation II (ages 3 - 16)

#4II 12/8 - 23/8 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 11:30

Expand your musical taste by introducing music and composers from the Romantic period and the 20th Century, film music, Broadway musicals, Jazz and Pop culture. Learn to appreciate and share music with deeper musical understanding.

BC Registered Music Teacher: Sinyu Tsang

The class will be conducted in English.

Location: Fisher Drive, Richmond,BC

Fulfil 80% attendance to receive the CERTIFICATE!

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For more information, please contact Ms Tsang at
+1-778-513-0760 or

Welcome on demand private/group class proposal.(Subject to teacher's availability)

*      PRICE: All teaching materials are included. No refund or make up class for absence. Full price has to be paid before the Camp starts.

**    EARLY BIRD OFFER: Only applied if registered and paid in full on/before June 16, 2019.

***  REFERRALS: The offer is for the referrers who register the same courses as the referees. Siblings will also count. e.g. Applicant A refers B to courses #1 and #2, while A only joins course #1, so A will get 10% off the Regular/Early Bird price for course #1.

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